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Vignettes and Illustrations
on the Fundamental Rights of the European Union

pencilWhat is Manifesta! ?

cartoon immagine Manifesta! is a web-site proposing the use of satirical vignettes and illustrations as a means of communicating and exploring the contents of the European Union's Charter of Fundamental Rights. The project Manifesta!, co-financed by the EU (DG Justice, Freedom and Security), has been realized by Africa e Mediterraneo in collaboration with the associations L'Afrique Dessinée (Paris, France) and Multicultural Center Prague (Czech Republic); its aim is to promote the awareness and knowledge of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union, and to encourage European citizens to respect these Rights. In order to do this, European and African cartoonists have been invited to participate in a great adventure: the representation of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union through the art of drawing, cartoons and vignettes.

pencilWhy Manifesta! ?

The decades which divide the new generations from the horror of the last war give them less awareness about the importance of peace and freedom that the process of European integration has been steadily guaranteeing its citizens – young people, adults and elderly people – for more than half a century. That's why we considered it necessary to realize Manifesta!: to celebrate the route of peace which has been built during the last 50 years; and to strengthen the awareness of the Charter’s value as a way of protecting the individual’s rights and as the main element for the creation of a common land in Europe. Thanks to the enlargement, 12 countries – European in their culture, geography, history and aspirations - have been brought together.


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