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pencilWhat is the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union?

The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union was proclaimed in Nice on the 7th of December 2000: it is the diary in which are noted the principles that have guided Europe from the moment of its birth until today; it is the will with which the founding fathers hand down to us their most precious heritage; it is the strong-box containing all the secrets which are capable of inspiring the construction of a steady and peaceful future. The Charter is divided in 6 chapters, each articulating a founding principle of the European Union: Dignity, Freedom, Equality, Solidarity, Citizenship and Justice.

pencilTo whom is Manifesta! addressed ?

Boys and girls: this web-site has been thought for you! Through the menu-voices you can follow the various steps of the project, and through the cartoon strips you can find out more about the Fundamental Rights of the European Union and get to know the artists of the world of comic strips.
Teachers: this web-site can be a useful instrument to lead pupils through a formative journey in the European Union and the principles that support the Member Countries' peaceful co-existence. The educational section contains several proposals for an effective use of the site and of the material available on it.

pencilLet’s follow the Manifesta! project step by step

This web-site will allow you to follow, step by step, all the phases of the Manifesta! project: from the European competition aimed at involving lesser known cartoonists, to the exhibitions and meetings held in Prague, Paris, Bologna and Turin.
In the sections Cartoon strips and Authors, you will enter into the world of Comic strips: you will meet the authors of Manifesta! and smile whilst you watch their works.
In the section Charter, you can browse through the pages of the Charter of the European Union and find out about your rights.
The section Education is addressed to all those who want to lead you through the discovery of Manifesta! (teachers and parents).
You will also learn about Africa and Mediterraneo and its partners, follow the journey of exhibitions of Manifesta! around Europe, and find out about the educational activities proposed for Secondary School.

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